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Learn more about how Thomas Pedergnana, Vice President, is helping Powering Chicago, in Crain’s Chicago Business:


  CBC September - The Future of Work - Leveraging Technology for Safer Built Environments in the COVID-19 Era

           Breaking Through the Disruption featuring Malko Communications Services' Vice President Thomas Pedergnana, in a webinar focusing on the current climate of the industry. Also include other industry experts talking about some key factors on how to prepare for getting back to business in the challenging times of a global pandemic. 

Some of the topics discussed:


  • Redesigning floor plans of existing offices

  • Updating existing spaces with new entry security to help prevent the spread of covid

  • Prepping and office with tracking mechanisms in the event of an employee testing positive for covid

  • Solutions to minimize contact to common place items to reduce the spread of covid

  • A look into office space market, to help prepare businesses that are looking to expand or relocate become better eduacted in trends

Below is an example of some solutions for the work space:

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