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The standout features in Zoom’s latest update

Making presentations personal Without a doubt, one of the most standout features in the list is that users can select a PowerPoint file to use as their virtual background and move through the slides with the left and right arrows. This ability to present and be on the same display is a hugely encouraging step. Participants can adjust their own frame size as they present whilst seeing both their own screen and those of colleagues.

A quick tip for those using this tool. At the time of writing, any custom animations in your presentation are not transferred over to Zoom, so double check your PowerPoint to make sure everything will display correctly!

Knock first I think by now we’ve all had the experience of the waiting room delay. The meeting has begun and then either you or a colleague has to interrupt to let the host know that a latecomer needs letting in. To make things easier the host now receives more notifications about attendees entering the waiting room, including during screen share and when Zoom is minimized/hidden.

Getting ready for the office As we return to work, we are going to have to get used to holding calls in shared spaces and many of us are looking forward to having meetings with a hybrid of in-room and remote participants.

Hardware like the Logitech Zone headset already helps to alleviate interference from background noise; however, Zoom has improved background noise suppression within the app. Users can adjust the noise suppression applied, opting for low, medium, high, or automatic settings.

Zoom can now be synced to Outlook, enabling it to share when a user is in a meeting, busy, or available. Plus you can set Zoom as a default communication in the app, so with one click users can transition to the video platform.

Although these developments provide improvements to very different aspects of the platform, they are linked in that they show Zoom looking forward to future requirements from its platform in professional environments. This in turn further enhances the case for Zoom room solutions such as the ALZ range.

Have some fun Zoom is used by organisations for more than just business, so the new filters feature is a welcome addition.

Perhaps you want to present yourself in classy black and white or sport a mischievous mustache. There are loads of looks to choose from for a bit of fun. Looking ahead, it suggests a future where we may see augmented reality integrated into our video calls which will provide even more new and exciting ways to connect with our colleagues, customers, friends and family.

Simon Kitson is general manager at Maverick Europe. For the full range of Zoom solutions available at Maverick see

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