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One Bennett Park

Malko completed multiple low voltage systems for the building, which is home to One Bennett Park. A building that transcend their physical boundaries to capture the spirit of each residence. A design to create a perfect home, tailored to 21st-century ways of living and entertaining.

Well-proportioned rooms are carefully arranged to support a sense of comfort and convenience. “One Bennett Park was conceived as a family building,” Daniel Lobitz explains. “The residences are large, with generously scaled kitchens often combined with family rooms.” Classic and timeless design principles will create satisfaction for everyday life and special occasions now and for generations to come.

Malko provided many services throughout the facility.

  • Voice/Data

  • Fire Alarm

  • Security Systems

    • Access Control 

    • Door Intercom

    • Video Surveillance

    • Elevator Control System

  • AV design and install throughout building

One Bennett Park 451 Grand Security Audio Visual AV Malko
Navy Pier
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