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ON OUR THIRD GENERATION OF FAMILY OWNED EXPERIENCE and technical expertise that makes the  Malko Team distinctively capable to fulfill all your Audio Visual, Wireless Solutions, Low Voltage, Security and Emergency Power needs. Malko has over 25 years of experience in Wireless & Security Solutions and over 40 years of experience in Low Voltage, Emergency Power and Audio-Visual design & implementation.


  • Emerging Technology Focused

  • Covid-19 Safety Systems

  • Dedicated Divisions

  • Turnkey Solutions

  • Low Experience Modification Rate

  • National Footprint


OUR MANAGEMENT HAS THE KNOWLEDGE AND AUTHORITY to make decisions, negotiate contracts and authorize changes. Malko is also a company with a forward thinking culture. This makes us uniquely capable of responding quickly when speed and flexibility are a necessity.

Malko Differentiators 
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