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You will be impressed by our personal attention

EVERY MALKO PROJECT is personally supervised by a company owner or principal, who has the knowledge and authority to make decisions, negotiate contracts, and authorize changes. This makes us uniquely capable of responding quickly, when speed and flexibility are a priority. And, whether your project is a high-rise or small office, a service call or a rock concert, you can be certain it will receive our personal service and attention, from start to finish.

Our roster of past performances

SOME OF CHICAGO'S largest and most technically advanced electrical installations in construction history were performed by Malko. Our range of experience includes hundreds of installations for offices, hotels, banks, hospitals, residences, special events, and commercial projects. Our staff of project managers, estimators, engineers, and field personnel are professionals in electrical construction, backed up by years of experience and state-of-the-art-technology.

Malko’s financial security means dependable performance and bonding capability

MALKO’S SOUND FINANCIAL POSITION and bonding capability, coupled with an over ninety-year history, mean fewer contract and financing headaches for you.

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